Monday 20 July 2020

Author Interview - Sarah Davis

Hey Sarah! Thanks so much for joining me on my blog today! I'm really excited to hear about your writing process and about the inspiration behind your new book! 

Can you give us the first line of your new novel and a little blurb as to what it’s about? 

"The buzzing beneath eighteen-year-old Penny Osborn’s skin started while she spoke to the officer."

In one sentence it's a story about a twenty-year-old moving to northern Alaska for a job. More importantly it's about how she deals with life's challenges, moving on with grief and survivor's guilt. It's about man's vilest predator is ultimately man...whether by evil deeds or by the cage of our minds. 

What inspired you to write this novel?

I was daydreaming during a long drive about a veterinarian and her twin daughters moving from sunny southern California to the northern most reaches of Alaska. What circumstance could lead to such a move? 

From there, the twin telepathy entered the story and I considered what might the psychological effects be when the connection is lost (such as with distance, i.e. moving, or some other circumstances).

Can you tell me about that moment when you decided to sit down and write your first novel? How did you get over any hurdles of fear or doubt?

I learned about NANOWRIMO, an ongoing writing competition, that during November challenges a writer to write 50,000 words. I failed that challenge but pushed on. My family encouraged me to put it to paper, and so I did. Fear and doubt are constant companions, but no matter what, I am proud of my story and of what I have learned along the journey. 

Please can you tell me about your writing routine – how do you settle yourself down to write?

I put on noise cancelling ear phones (thanks honey!) and turn on music that fits with the mood. Sometimes I have to hide in my office or bedroom, and more often than not I'm scribbling notes and paragraphs for scenes to work on when time permits. 

Do you have any tips for aspiring authors who would love to write but don’t know where to start?
You start by writing/typing one word and follow it with another, and so on. You don't have to start at the beginning of the story. Write a scene. Write about a character. It's not scary, the writing process. It's sharing with someone who will give you honest, constructive feedback that's scary. 

What do you love doing when not writing?

Spending down time with my family (usually we are working but card games, movies, vacations), reading, playing with my dog.

Can you tell us about a funny/ embarrassing memory?

Absolutely not. 😉 Okay, so I grew up in a very small town in a German family. Took German in high school. While studying dog anatomy in vet school, I asked my study partners what a cha-hua-hua was. Well dunderhead, a chihuahua is a type of dog. I was very embarrassed but yet told my family.  My grandpa gave me a singing chihuahua stuffed toy for a I wouldn't forget what one was. 

Ever met anyone famous? What were they like?
A few... I’m actually related to a horse jockey, Dean Kutz, may he rest in peace. He was an amazing guy from an amazing family. I’ve also met an actress who played possessed child. She was very personable and funny. There was a rapper...he smelled like pot. Three country music singers…all very nice. As a veterinarian, I have worked with a few famous animals, too!           

Fantastic Sarah! Loved reading your answers! 

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