Monday, 29 May 2017

My new novel - The Year of No Rules

Thank you so much everyone for your support about my new novel - "The Year of No Rules". I am so grateful for all the lovely comments. I haven't made a You Tube video in a while so I thought I'd sit down and tell you all about my new novel. Check out my vlog below!

"The Year of No Rules" is due for release in November of this year and here is the book blurb: 

When Sasha falls in love with Kirk, she can’t believe her luck. He’s gorgeous, charismatic and charming. Within months he’s even discussing the ‘M’ word – marriage.
But there’s one problem – he’s given her a list of rules to sign.
Blindly led by her infatuation (and the fact that she’s been single forever) – she agrees to sign it.
Until everything goes horribly wrong.
Picking herself up and boldly moving on as a ‘No Rules’ girl, can Sam tame her independent streak?
Or will Sasha be able to make Kirk come crawling back? 
Follow Sasha in her year of no rules!

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