Thursday, 1 June 2017

Chit-chat about my Slimming World journey

Dieting and weight loss. Is there a woman out there who hasn't dieted at some stage or another? Well I am certainly no exception. Since working from home two years ago, the weight slowly began to creep on. I was no longer walking home from work or walking around town at lunchtimes. All that exercise adds up on a daily basis! Added to that, the doctor prescribed me medication which slowed me down and made me too inactive to exercise. 

After trying calorie counting and Slimfast, (neither worked for me), I decided to join Slimming World. I knew a few girls who had tried this in the past and had fantastic results so I knew it worked. 

I went along to my first few classes and had my doubts. There was so much 'free' food that I was allowed to eat. How on earth would I lose weight if I was eating loads of pasta and potatoes each day? 

But I kept going, kept turning up for the weekly class and began to learn about 'speed foods' and 'protein foods'. As long as half of my plate (or a third of my plate) was speed, I was on track! 

Right enough, the weight began to come off and I have lost half a stone so far! :) I have another half stone to go and then I'll see if I want to lose any more than that. It's a "diet" that I feel can be sustainable. I don't feel starving or deprived and yet I'm losing weight! Result! 

I've also started cooking a lot more, which I love. I find that pottering around in the kitchen is so relaxing and therapeutic. It helps me to cook up ideas for my next chapter! ;) Here's some pics on a sausage casserole I made. Absolutely delicious and totally filling! 

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