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Here's a link to a radio interview I had recently on Dublin City FM: 

Here's a link to my virtual book launch! My book was released during Lock-down so I had a Facebook Live Launch! 

Have a look at this relaxing video showing a typical day in the life of a writer :) 

As you can see, no writer's day is complete without coffee and the company of cats! 

My 4th book is due to be released on 21 May 2020. It is called "Under your skin". Click on the "Under your skin" tab to read more about it. Book trailer here:  

Here is a link to my book launch for my 3rd book. It was held in the Parlour bar in Belfast, long before social distancing, when there were hugs aplenty! 

Click on the various tabs above to read more about my other novels and short plays. 

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